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Recruitment information

Employment status
Full-time employee, contract employee, part-time employee
Candidates scheduled to graduate from university in March 2023 (regardless of department), mid-career recruitment available (no experience required)
①Sales position ②Administrative position ③Planning/public relations position ④Photo/video shooting/editing
Specific job details
① Sales work that involves customer service at each department store ② Administrative and business back support at the head office ③ Planning and related public relations work to increase the number of people involved ④ Photos for posting on the EC site and future work Shooting and editing of videos necessary for the business to be developed
Work location
①Each department store ②③④Head office (3-3-22 Minamihonmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka)
*For cases other than ①, some consultations can be done from home or remotely.
Salary, raises, bonuses
This will be determined according to our company regulations.
Full transportation expenses paid, various insurance coverage, maternity/childcare leave available, employee discount system available.
annual holiday
105 days, additional paid vacation and congratulatory/condolence leave available
No questions asked. Please contact us first!
trial period
Three months. Working conditions are the same as regular employment
Recruitment flow
Send application documents First interview Second interview Third interview Job offer